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Mobile workshop & Specials vehicle

We convert vehicles in all kind of sectors in order to transport your equipment in the most optimal way. We offer a large range of interior covering and standard storage specially adapted to every business. We privilege the use of light but strong material such as aluminium.

We also develop customized fitting-outs.


  • Workshop vehicle
  • Equipment transport
  • Laboratory
  • Conversion of private car into commercial vehicle


  • Standard and customized furnishing, Shelving
  • Interior Covering (floor, wall, window guard)
  • Exterior signalling
  • Marking, striping, lettering
  • Roof rack
  • Ladder carrier
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Exterior and perimeter lighting
  • Roof window
  • Tipping trailer and lift
  • Secondary battery and 220V circuit (external plug, charger, converter)
  • Incorporation of equipment such as compressors and generator